there is so so very much to say about the BijaXOuS suPplemente eVolviNg poetry & art oNliNe ZiNe ::: conceptually thiS project begaN maNy moONs ago — w/ eveRy fulL intentioN of creating a printed poetry magaZiNe that included photograpHs & correspondences froM around the world ::: the poetry waS alL a bit off-beat — the maiN focus of the ZiNe — to embrace thoSe poeMs that maNy of uS write — but that for soMe reasoN or otheR [ mostly foR reasoNs of snobbery perhaps ] weRe slipping thru the cracks of publicatioNs such as university compendiums & journals & the like ::: what to expect though i guess froM institutioNs of higher learning i guess i guess ::: >>>

welL ::: to maKe a loNg story eVeN loNgeR

soMe of the initiaL discussioN surrounding BijaXOuS — & specifically the suPplemente [ i guess an augmentation of the ordinary — or eveN that which is so essential to living a happy life but which is not directly related to the grand moneymaking consumerist plight of the everyday individuaL & suchforth — a vitamin dosage of sheer & utteR nonsense — shared as soMe sort of reverberant aural drug-like vaundercow & cough und ] ::: welL ::: soMe of the originatioN of the suPplemente periodical surrounded & waS directly bourNe froM a weekly open-reading gathering i raN called the sound of dolphiNs ::: a fuN group that shared &/or — w/o aNy critique or criticisMs — the pleasure of reading aloud the words oNe thinks & writes & organiZes on the page ::: >>>

so — aS much as the purpose of the sound of dolphiNs waS live & open reading aloudsuPplemente i guess waS yet another reactionary effort to theN capture thoSe fiNe pieces oN the page & in periodical format ::: >>> spoKeN word vs the writteN word ::: >>> vox vs paper ::: >>> a suPplementaL counterpiece to the poetry & prose experience of each monthly meetiNg ::: >>>

much of thiS discussiON of the spoKeN word vs the writteN word continued oN & episodical becaMe a momentary portion of discourse thanks to the involvement of ouR good friend collaborator & mentor named Marcel Kopp ::: much of the spirit of the sound of dolphiNs & eveN of the suPplemente waS guided [ & stilL iS to thiS day ] by Marcel ::: >>>

visit Marcel Kopp's Official Online Adventure Into Poetry

directly from Marcel's site we take a quote from Emile Zola :::

"If I came to this life, it is to live it — out loud!"

& many an evening at the sound of Dolphins Marcel would grace the group aS the man w/ the french accent — reading aloud froM hiS handmade chapbooks — beutifully illustrated in pen & ink — a marriage of the spokeN & writteN word ::: >>>

at tiMes the sound of dolphiNs would border oN soMething a bit more than simply open-readings ::: musical accompaniment — performance art iN mixed media w/ costuMe & acting — eveN snailmailed cut & paste ala ransoMnote assignments whereby each dolphiNs participant could construct upoN kitchentables their owN concoctioN of madcap poetry froM a disparate conglomeratioN of paperclipped words & non-words ::: much inspiratioN waS garnered thru theSe collaboratioNs of the media & of the members of the group ::: >>>

at tiMes & at usua per month both 'regulars' & randoMtakers & various onlookers & onlisteners would stop to participate or watch & listeN ::: thiS randoMneSs also added a cooltooth element of surprise & continual commentary ::: each evening unique ::: eacH sessioN rewarding ::: >>>

topics weRe established the month before as mechanism to inspire w/ phrase & font-collage ::: little flyers were mailed or left in the shopfront for the taking ::: >>>

aNyhow ::: i aM hoping in maNy big ways to recapture & rekindle the spirit of the sound of dolphiNs & have this onliNe space be the suPplemente to alL thiNgs commonplace & sensical ::: i do not wish this to be soMe sort of meRe shockvalue cyberpsychotherapy outlet ::: i do want it to be a warM place that could find hoMes for soMe of the moRe surreaL & leSs consumeRbased concepts out theRe ::: suPplemente welcoMes alL online media & hopes to find sectioNs for reviews & new media pieces : sound & sight & word & thought & or etcetera & etceteras to coMe : ameN






















if you've read dowN thiS faR ::: you may be wondering ::: what's up w/ BijaXOuS? what exactly does BijaXOuS mean? how do you pronounce this bizzarre word? etcetera ...

although there is no precise meaNing ::: BijaXOuS iS a pretty vague concept ::: a nonsense word ::: sporadicly created per the whit whim & whimsy of my good friend Marco ::: i have soMe notions as to & per the meaning of the word ::: >>> but i do encourage you to send along your suggestioNs as to meaning & pronunciatioN to : ::: >>> thank you kindly ::: >>>

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