he word tomorrow neVer entered my vocabulary. i waS living eacH moment for eacH moment in thee moment — w/ no forthought or consideration for the consequence or ineVitable outcoMe. thee aiM & focuS completelee upoN my releaSe. releaSe frum thiS uNjust, tiresoMe reality — thee simple realitieS of life itself. releaSe frum thee sHadowy perdition so eloquently promiSed to uS through thee mellifluous grinning atonal banterings of freedom.

freedom. freedom to live. freedom to change & grow & doO what you want to doO. what you want to doO w/ life & particularly — what you want to doO w/ your life? thee only presupposition being that of thee ability to finance thiS future of your dreams & desires. freedoM, liKe alL false, foolproof promiSes of happineSs ( so completelee saturated & immersed in trickery & deceit an enchantreSs so dangerous & deeply wHimsical in orientation as must bee meduSsa's puSsy itself ) — freedom iS a viLe concept invented to keep thee maSses abated & entertaiNed while that which iS important to other people deemed more important than thee peons of thiS limitleSs land becomes important to thee utmost — so that killing & honey-varnished nightmares insure uS of thiS freedom to doO what you want tO doO w/ your life.

i am certain that as wee speaK soMe monstrous calamity iS being carried out in thee name of freedoM. freedoM — thee four-letter word that maKes you bleed. preposterous in every echo of its duo-syllabic utteranCe or mention. bleeding disguised for convenience-sake. a buttery blood filled w/ glitches & bellum. unvarying. two-sided. thee lifeliNe to alL poetry. a contriVanCe so powerful that it belittles & oVershadowS thee beneficiaries of freedoM itself. eacH side of thee fenCe sO carefully painted in its white-picketedneSs — each side of the fenCe drenched in eturnal misery. democracy. thee liberty bell hurself epitomiZing thee very nature of thiS freedom — cracked — imperfect — broKen & broKen eVen upoN initial installation. thee diVine pretenSe of alL smileS. a misdeed delivered in 20 minutes or leSs for your convenience. microwaved freedom — fresh from thee oVen. but which oVen iS it thiS tiMe? or rather, wHoSe oVeN? let mee remind you my brotherS & sisterS that thiS tiMe — i am sO terriblee heartbroKen to inform you — thiS tiMe thee oVen iS ourS. any inaction concerning thee nastineSs this little country portends, any inaction iS a willing participation in thee injustice of freedoM.

i was uninformed, you might say. i didnt know what was going on, its impossible to keep up w/ alL thee news of thee world, w/ eacH little inaNe detaiL of thee countries & suppositories vacant & alive w/ distreSs due to our fraudulent & vainglorious stanCe & support for liberty. lady liberty. torcH held high. dreSsed in thee faltering vestments of thee diligent serf. dutifully holding thee toMe — thee guidebooK to thee horrors of freedom indeed, it must bee — it must bee.

& there iS a reaSoN thiS toMe, thiS guidebooK to thee horrors of freedoM, remains closed in a timeleSs aluminum & essential concealment never to bee read, reread or recogniZed by eacH or any lowly soldier, sinner or saint habitating our harbouring undulate countryside. freedoM iS silent & must remain thuslee so ... for freedoM iS a most eXpenSive & amoral commodity. a reticent repression, by its very definition, of tHoSe wHo aRe leSs free — leSs deserVing of freedoM.

dont get mee wrong, my friends. i believe in freedoM. i am not thee homeleSs disbeliever meandering about thee streets muttering tomfooleries concerning alL thee options weighed against mee ( although in a purer sense of freedoM, to bee w/o a house or home may bee a bit freer than thee average american may aspire to bee ), begging for a diMe to buy myself a niCe cold beer ( although i welcome anytime thee splendiforous anonymous donations occasionally proffered my way ). i wilL work & searcH & create thee tiMe & space necessary for my owN freedoM & thee expressions thereof. i daRe not cast myself out of thiS land of thee free for thee fear of being consumed by its neverending havocK & ofttimes misdirected attacKs. but i also realiSe w/ ample concern & litigations thee unfair uSage of freedoM in thee proceSs of conquering thee netherworld before uS.

dont get mee wrong — my belief in freedoM & thee defenSe of alL, eacH/eVery freedoM iS forthright, strong & unfaltering. but in alL eroticK honesty, it iS thee sunnysiDe surreptitiouS responsibility of eacH/eVery member of thiS fatefuL lot — gleaming w/ ineXorable citiZenry — blanKeted & blind-folded in a ruddy luXurianCe — it iS our beckoning & spangled fearsoMe duty, aS thee meeKest emiSsarieS of internationaL wordlee enterprise, to fairlee evaluate thee priCe of our sweet freedoM.

for there iS, my obsequious brotherS & sisterS, tHeRe iS a deaR priCe to pay for our suppoSed & so-called freedoM. a delicate imbalanSe — obscured w/ thee desulatory, idyllicK notion of its very nature. alL men are created equaL so liVe youR life unfettered & free. liVe your life of liberty & justiCe for alL fraudulently following thee hilltops & molehills of eVery billowing treacherous dream - & doO so w/ your capricious tribulatioNs, w/o forethought, w/o a caRe in thee world, w/o a creaSe or a stitcH in youR heart.

oR, to taKe oNe step backwardS — w/o a caRe for thee world. to liVe w/o oNe selfleSs boNe in ouR skullS. & w/ thee priCe of freedoM justlee follow that exquisite constellatioN — thee heavensent & joyous cost of freedoM.

to bee continued ...