About 10 years ago I started the sound of Dolphins open poetry + spokenword showcase at an undisclosed location in Burlington Massachusetts as a way to begin a community for poets + writers somewhere outside of Beantown. Version 1.0 was a smashing success + we enjoyed several years of casual-style, round-robin poetry reading on a monthly basis throughout the mid to late 1990s.

Now, 10 years later, I feel it is time to begin again, to open up and share poetry + spokenword, to 'live life aloud' as my good friend Marcel Kopp would say. Please join us on Thursday, May 27 2004 at The Javaroom in Chelmsford, Massachusetts for the rebirth of the sound of Dolphins. The event is absolutely free and begins at about 6:30 pm. Bring your original poetry or short writings. Bring your favourites by the classics or modernday writers. Bring your heart + mind + your imagination as we celebrate words + sounds and live life out loud.

I am hoping to make this a monthly or quarterly event at The Javaroom. I frequent the cafe quite frequently and highly recommend you stop by as often as possible and enjoy the coffee + food + beverages, enjoy the ambience + the local musicians, writers and poets. It is the perfect setting for meeting friends and family over a croissant + a latte.

The suggested topic for Episode 1 : Rebirth + Frustration — will hopefully allow us to discuss the original concept of the sound of Dolphins and play a cassette of the late Marcel Kopp reading a piece to ceremonious ly start us off in version 2.0. Although I typically suggest a topic for each Episode — it is not necessary to adhere or limit yourself regarding the types of writing or subject matter you bring to the group.


  1. NO foul language, violent topics, derogatory topics — all readings MUST be appropriate for all ages and for a respectable public setting.
  2. You do not need to sign up in advance to participate — but it is recommended and encouraged.
  3. We will circle the group several times. Each Dolphin has about 5 minutes per 'round' or 'circle'.
  4. Although we are 'living life aloud', the group needs to keep it's volume of noise at an appropriate level for The Javaroom and it's patrons. I suggest we stay at about '5' — and I will judge and adjust the group accordingly.

Feel free to contact lou suSi with any questions about the group at 617.750.2922 or lou@bxos.com.


The sound of Dolphins version 2.0 open poetry + spokenword showcase is happy to announce it's revival at a fantastic new location. On Thursday, May 27 2004 the sound of Dolphins will begin version 2.0 at approximately 6:30 PM at The Javaroom in Ginger Ale Plaza in Chelmsford Massachusetts. The evening's 'catch phrase' for the premeire episode will be 'Rebirth + Frustration' — loosely indicating the suggested topic to inspire those attending the group.

The sound of Dolphins is an open showcase for poets and writers of all genres. The idea is to 'live life aloud' and read original work or the work of established + classic writers. Please keep in mind that if you intend to participate, it is recommended that you sign up ahead of time by either visiting The Javaroom and adding your name to the list — or — by sending us an email just to let us know a bit in advance how the turn out might be.

The showcase
works as follows :

At the beginning of each session or 'episode' the moderator gives a quick talk and introduces the group. We usually sit in an area slightly removed from the ebb and flow of traffic through The Javaroom — typically in a circular configuration. After introductions and a review of the 'Pool Rules', we begin to go around the group and have each participant read from the work they brought to share. Each participant gets about 5 minutes per round, so longer works can still be presented, but just in 5 minute chunks.

A quick note :

The sound of Dolphins is not a poetry slam, nor is it a writers' workshop. If you would like to garner advice from the group or from members of the group, you are free to do so outside of each 'espisode' at your own discretion and on a private, personal basis. If you wish to compete in a more theatrical setting — take your work to an appropriate event and thesp it up! Dolphins is a place to share poetry + writings in a more academic, intimate setting. Although we can project + present our work, we still must do so in a manner that shows respect for the public setting in which we reside.


the sound of Dolphins © 2004 BijaXOuS suPpleMente. All rights reserved.