September 22 , 2006

Cornerstone Books of Salem, Massachusetts and BijaXOuS suPpleMente announce the second installment of The Salem Poetry Happening. Come one, come all — on the evening of October 13th — for another wonderful installment of poetry, music, spokenword, audio and video, movement, performance art and various other theatricalities as we present :

Cornerstone Books welcomes you to stop by and participate by bringing your own original writings or compositions, hopefully inspired by our suggested topic of the evening — or simply come, bring a friend or 2, relax — watch & listen in — perhaps grab a cup of coffee and a pastry at the cafe — and enjoy. The event is absolutely free — we simply ask that you bring an open mind and a wide, wide smile!

This month, The Salem Poetry Happening proudly features creepy, crawly performances by Michael Gurry, David Andersson and Lou Susi { of Beware the Haberdash }, as well as pre-recordings supplied by Feature Creep. It's bound to be a frighteningly ghoulish evening ... our Friday the 13th date should make us all feel extra unlucky too! Please join us ...


// The Happening Review | September 2006
Well, our very first Salem Poetry Happening at Cornerstone Books was a smashing success. Installment #1 : Worksongs + Words | back to work, back to school ... and the daily grind included feature performances by 3 New England area acts : Clyve + the management performed and hosted, singing songs of the corporate workplace ... including the songs Complaint Department { Progress is a 4-Letter Word }, Little Bricks, Lazy and Jackass. Michael Gurry hit the stage with a solo acoustic set that included the songs 4 AM, Star, 13 Days and a lush instrumental entitled Strawberry 2006. And The Collective tore up the Cornerstone w/ a rollicking set of D.A.'s spokenword, accompanied by bass and percussive backdrops by Black Wednesday and Fred { real names please? ;] } and with interpretive movement by ResistDance. The Collective were originally slated to present their infamous Haiku of Horror at Installment #2 : Something Wicked, but previous commitments have them tied up at the moment, so if anyone is interested in signing up as October 2006's feature of the month, please contact The Happening today.

// About The Salem Poetry Happening at Cornerstone Books
The Happening has plans to present similar installations of performance art and 'happening' at Cornerstone Books throughout the Fall of 2006 and hopefully into 2007. The success and longevity of such an event series depends greatly upon the contributors that come and willingly give their spoken voice and music to the audience of the evening. If you or someone you love would like to participate in the series as either a feature poet | musician | performer ... or if you would just like to contribute a piece or 2 to the evening, please contact The Happening at your convenience. We would love to plan out the evening as much as possible { making sure to give proper introductions and outroductions where appropriate } and would love to make the evening flow so smooth that the audience doesn't even need to think about everything that might be going on. And — as strange as it may seem — the very best improvisational spirit comes with quiet, careful planning. We look forward to hearing from you.

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// Some Quick Links
You can always visit Cornerstone Books online for more information about this event. The event information will also be listed in the underground events calendar posted at BijaXOuS suPpleMente. In the near future we will feature { either in a separate page or right within this little page here } links to any of the participants in The Happening that would want such online exposure. Just a simple link, you know? Nothing like a little microsite or anything ... but still, that's pretty nice, isn't it?