the following neVerendiNg list of words & non-words hopefully serves as a source of inspiratioN for writers & otheR text-artists ::: the neVerending list wilL update oN a semi-weekly basis & wilL include words either recommended to BijaXOuS suPpleMente by kind site visitors — &/or — thoSe words the editors stumble upoN whilst surfiNg readiNg hiKiNg downtown-commuting eatiNg breathing walking talking writing & the liKe etcetera ::: if you bump across any interesting words that you would like to submit to the BijaXOuS neVerendiNg list of words — or — if you or someone you know & love would like to comment on the neVerendiNg list of words — pleaSe email BijaXOuS at ::: thank you ::: >>>

bluewalls mollify winge maecenas manqué
transpicuous commove peripeteia octothorpe fungible
besmirch bunched ashram williwaw denegation
minatory anent sike cotton victual
poultrarian mulct pornfolio skulduggery lenitive
travail zeitgeber transmogrify impugn diaphanous
sub rosa caduceus martriculate fustigate vacuous
dotcomrade volant pastiche cadre campestral
bunkum impolitic tetchy kipper pyrrhic
orphic reciprocate gorgonize plangent fete
purpend kaput jimjams cajole jacobian
putsch knee-jerk mitier peremptory slipshod
vedgie chassé sideways fey ruritanian
gambols evince billingsgate eristic cabbaged
lip-glossed dacian infinitesimals sunlight bordenesque
consternation misanthropic judex lamer tomaat
wholly cramping non-scientific finger-like innate
connotes avuncular ziggurat redaction chasten
quodlibet cetacious bromide frisson knee-jerk
aphelion pandect erstwhile polity incipient
southpaw genteel dulcet caitiff comity
courtyard fallujah backpack-type decapitated detainees
rayon flattest ageless slimming kabuki
necklines bombazine rustling demimonde plunging
dewdrops fripperies tinselly egalitarian deneuve
eyeliner chiffon taffeta jiggling derriere
crinoline bodice houndstooth fingerless turquoise
bouffant décolletage chignon sexier scrimp
milquetoast pecuniary hagiography perquisite knuckle
hubris conclave collywobbles pasch retrodict
hypermnesia solecism disseise pantry impuissant
unstoppable eloquence heartfelt sultry flamenco
huckle listless siderations happily riverfront
egglike stubbly waterless ribbony fabber
lagoon gushes torian nightgown variant
quidnunc hawkshaw nativity obstinate qualm
roorback komatiks williwaw pseudonymic lickspittle
bowdlerize solon frisson schadenfreude coriaceous
mayhap nudnik tantara coeval lietmotiv
metastasizing kafkaesque abyssal polyglot marplot
kelty sinning goldenrod tawdry jejune
stygian polysomnography erumpent wisenheimer iniquitous
butter ululating radioed quaff hebetude
luftmensch zeitgeist restaurateur apotropaic itt-bitty
pentateuch squeal moonshine leapt queller
artless fuming reattach ebullient daisy chain
saturnine dishabille fungible pusillanimous mycophagist
treacle grisly jeep wrangler contraptions quasi-nixonian
molasses eyeroll harrumphs epitome concreteness
abeyance neologism persiflage susurrus zydeco
entropy stumphead nipshard sedentary echochamber
temporal jitney fuming throwaway brummagem
fingering mistress consummated speculative blackberries
spines gas-stove vanishes postmarked personification
microfiche pyrophoric redox dormant needlepoint
alkaline lifelong embrittlement oversewing gaudy
heyday goodly sepia-tinted impermanence lignin
ephemeral modicum daguerreotypes shrink-wrapped sixty