here are just some of simple guidelines & recommended methods for submission to suPplemente that wilL make everything like right & nicey nicey for alL parties involved in this evolviNg poeSy & art eZiNe mixed w/ internationaL flaiR & sucH ::: >>>

points of contact ::: >>>

email submissions to ::: ::: >>>
kindly put in the subject 'i submit' & then the medium of the submission ::: feeL free to submit anything at all really — please keep in mind however that this is NOT in any way about friendship or feelings & mostly about what fits the particular BijaXOuS publiccacioNe dö mês ::: we are especially interested in making suPplemente moRe & moRe internationaL — so — send away & we'lL get back to you w/ a thumbs up or down asap on the lowdown yo ::: >>>

snailmail submissions to ::: the following post office box ::: >>>

Attention ::: submissioNs
BijaXOuS suPplemente
po box 1098 middleton massachusetts
01949 usa

kindly include any correspondeNces you deeM so appropriate to go w/ the submission [ unlesS — of course — the correspondeNce itself is the submissioN ] & include any SASE appropriate for mailing back further bxos return correspondeNces ::: include whether or not you would like your submission original returned — but pleaSe keep in mind that you should probably not send along anything alL too precious as we cannot be held accountable & responsible for any mailings & their appropriate inclusioNs &/or ingredients &/or contents held under pressuRe so forth & suchlike to the furthest extent of the law forever & eveR ameN ::: >>>

soMe recommended mediuMs of submissioN include but aRe not limited to ::: >>>

poeSy : proSe : photography : drawiNg : painting : illustratioN : animatioN : new media hybrid marketiNg conceptuals : sculpture : site specific landscape installatioN work : sound : soNg : performance art review : movie crit : album review : sugarcube castle : moodprints : sponge arrangements : randoM word generation & placement : cvs receipt montage : found popsiclestick fort constructioNs : snowman pottery : metalwork : paperclip jewelry : collage : fictional fruitjuice ingredient & calorie listings : urinal puck architecture : etcetera & etceteras