Imagine all this fluid flowing over and under the earth
And falling form its skies.

Life-giving, refreshing, violent, tranquil.
Capable of fine mist or erosion of rock

This stuff is channeled by the mere turning of a handle. It wasn't called forth from anywhere Because it was there all along. Right next to your hands. In your mouth. Coursing through your body.

Sing to the water rhythm hymn with a reverent Toothbrush Wah Wah.
On and off and down the drain, all in the blink of a hearbeat.

Water flows through me, which is us
Water flows through you, which is I
Water flows, grows, shows, through ALL.

an ACTOR (we can't see if it's a he or a she) is sitting at a fancy computer witha gigantic mouse in his/her hand. a dripping sound emerges from the background, indicating that someone left the water running in the bathroom. ACTOR hurries to bathroom with an annoyed "i'm-online-don't-bother-me" look on their face and sits back down. clearing its throat, a voice emerges from the computer from a neckless, trusting-looking, television-esque face and we hear a man's voice, identical to the speak & spell of Stephen Hawiking variety, only with slightly more warmth, expression, and variance in tone.

MAN: do you realize what you just did?

ACTOR: (looking perplexed, like interactive technology is getting way out of hand) um, yeah, i turned the faucet off, who are you?

MAN: it matters not. i am a disembodied talking head, here to tell you about faucets.

ACTOR: oh great, i'm interacting with an advertisement! don't tell me, you have some newfangled faucet technolgoy that will make mine obsolete, right? well i don't want to hear about it. go ... away! (subject clicks mouse furiously, each time it clicks we hear the MAN's voice say "ouch!")

MAN: (after ACTOR gives up) it is not my intention to sell you anything. i am not a salesman, but a spokesman for the faucet.

ACTOR: oh, did i treat it cruelly? you gonna protest now or something? leave me alone, i want to go back to my chat group!

MAN: i am here to relay a simple message about ... symbolism.

ACTOR: (scratches his/her head) uh, symbolism? i think i remember something about that in college, but what does that have to do with my faucet?

MAN: we're at a point in our history where we need some new symbols, so why not start with something we're all familiar with, use daily, but never notice?

ACTOR: do you mean to say that my stupid faucet is a symbol? says who?

MAN: says me, i guess, but i would call it more of a suggestion. a common household accessory, a faucet basically draws water, an element of nature, into your environmnet so that it may assist you in whatever capacity you've chosen.

ACTOR: (making a circular motion with hand) aaand?

MAN: as a symbol, why not start with something you're familiar with, use daily, but never notice?

ACTOR: (raises hand to chin, as if deep in thought) you're right, i've never really noticed my faucet before! i guess i just took it for granted. but why is a new symbol so important?

MAN: to expedite creative flow, a muse, or an energy, needs a symbol. hence, i'm suggesting a faucet. the faucet is a handy, modern-day metaphor for a tool which enables flow, and the fact that basically anyone, regardless of age or experience, possesses the ability to turn it on at will makes it simple and accessible to all.

ACTOR: i'm not sure i'm following you. could you please hurry up with whatever you're saying? my attention span is terribly short, and i'm wasting valuable online time!

MAN: i will try. contrary to the messages the media has made us aware of, we're here on this planet to create, not just to consume. we've heard it all before, but the power of each individual to change their perception lies within.

ACTOR: (getting slightly huffy) perceptions? why should i change my perceptions? aren't they fine just the way they are?

MAN: if you are truly happy, then you will not desire change. (sounding hurt) you may click on my face now to go back to whatever else you were doing ...

ACTOR: (softening considerably) heyyy! don't say that. i'm listening, but i'm just not sure i understand!

MAN: there can be little doubt that your imagination has been sucked out of you by the media; replaced by commercial symbols, images and sound designed to impregnate your grey matter so that you hum the melodies, buy the shoes, and consume the products that paid for your time.

ACTOR: so?

MAN: well, the media, obviously, is run by businessmen. why allow them to determine your perceptions and the contents of your imagination? it appears that your thoughts, dreams, and perhaps most importantly, your language has been co-opted by a group of mostly-white males whose values are completely determined by the almight dollar.

ACTOR: well, duh! everyone knows that! what can i do about it, though? i'm just trying to live my life like everyone else!

MAN: but you ahve a choice. you can draw on your own creativity, or use the creativity of others for ideas or inspiration.

ACTOR: how? i'm just not a very creative person.

MAN: as you believe, so it shall be. creativity simply needs outlets. the one major difference between artists and the rest of society is having and mastering outlets. obviously, not everyone will be artists, but everyone does have the ability to both create and fill their outlets.

ACTOR: (attention span gone) sure, but i think our time is almost up, just tell me what to do and i'll do it, ok?

MAN: no, i can only make suggestions. if you desire to read some creative works, hear some music, view some artwork, or leave your ideas behind for others to read, simply click here. (he lifts a hand into sight and points to a faucet symbol)

ACTOR: (hurriedly) thanks! i'll give it a try.

MAN: (fading away with head moving in random screen saver fashion) you're very welcome! perhaps this will allow you to approach your faucet, and consequently your power to make it flow, in a new light. you need not adopt this symbol, but do play with it for a while. it may assist you, or soon you may find yourself drawn to another. (his voice diminishes to a whisper) it matters not.

ACTOR: wait! i didn't get your name! (he/she shrugs shoulders and clicks here.

Copyright © 1997 rosS Hamlin. All rights reserved.

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