Hear Ye, Citizens of the World!
Centuries of revolt have done — nothing!
Centuries of organized governments, science and religion have done — nothing!
Are we smarter?
Can we retreat and hide in the Garden of Eden?
Have we crawled far from the primordial pond?
Where are we evolving to?

This is the 21st Century and still we continue to eradicate each other!
Over what?

We all shed the same color blood!

Our world has sonambulated along long enough!
We are wasting our potential!
We must annihilate apathy!

Children continue to die daily!
Our future is dwindling!
Shame on us!
Drastic measures must be taken before it is too late!
We must fight the evils we create with our greatest weapons!
Kindness, Intellect, Action!

No more cell phones and driving!
No more Internet Porn!
No mo Botox!
Pay Attention!
!Kunst Terrorista!

Spawned during the demise of the late 90’s, Kunst Terrorista is the last art movement of the 20th Century and the first movement of the new millennium.
Its aim is simple: to ambush you during your daily banal with salvos of thought-provoking stimuli that must immediately be responded to in-situ.
You shall be temporarily shaken from your 401k mindset.
Held hostage-like, you shall be placed into a reactive situation (like life).
You are never forced to agree with the experience but will be left with a greater insight and understanding as to the world around you.
Times of despair demand extreme measures!
Together, we shall obliterate doom and gloom!

!Kunst Terrorista esta La Vita Nova!

We are a scrappy band of aberrant exhuberants dedicated to crafting art in all its various forms and glories. We selflessly crusade for all humanity past, present und future by lovingly confronting society; exposing itself through knowledge, understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

!Alles Mensch ist Kunst Terroristas!

Theory espouses that once terrorism obtains its demands — it ceases
to exist. Unlike terrorism however, Kunst Terrorista will be carried out
in-perpetua. As long as fear, ignorance, stupidity and greed exist,
Kunst Terrorista shall challenge it. It is The Struggle.

!Viva Le Struggle!
!Viva Le Kunst Terrorista!

( Attention CIA, FBI, Interpol and other world security agencies:
Kunst Terrorista is not to be feared.
Stop making your files now.

Kunst Terrorista is apolitical; it is not nationalistic.
Kunst Terrorista is not violent or violence promoting.
It does not do harm to its targets.
Its sole enemy is thee who quells mankind and an open culture.
However, Kunst Terrorista does utilize means and modes of communications to shake society’s dormant sensibilities awake, so, there’s that ...


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